How to Escape Fate and Rewrite History – Chapter 1

“Dahlia, allow me to be frank with you. Ellie showed me what love is, therefore I can’t be cruel to you and bind you with an arranged marriage that was decided by our parents. I wish we could freely marry the one we love and not out of duty. Let’s renounce our engagement.”

That was the last thing I heard from Leon, my fiancé, before the world turned dark – literally. It’s embarrassing, but the young and sheltered me, that never have felt such a pain like that before, couldn’t handle it and fainted on the spot.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not Leon’s fault, well, partly, but that doesn’t matter. The reason why I fainted was not the breakup, but the memories that came rushing in, breaking like a broken dam. My consciousness was washed away like some piece of old wood by an incoming tsunami.