“That’s why I told you. When you see someone who’s in pain, it’s natural to help.”

The maid made a beaming smile like a sunflower.


Rufus couldn’t say anything, as an indescribable feeling arose in his heart.

The faces of his grandmother and younger brother came to his mind.

A sense of relief, hope, and a new dream. If he doesn’t die in the war against the demons; if he could return home with his limbs intact…

Maybe, really, maybe…



No matter how frank one’s mouth was, she was too severe. To say she was glad someone is about to die soon.

“You are not going to die until the end of the subjugation.”

Rufus’s expression grew worse.

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I just know.”

The maid scratched the back of her head with an uneasy smile.

Rufus stared at her. Was she trying to comfort him?

However, his mind was not eased. It was rather unpleasant.

Has he, as a noble, sunk to a degree that he has to be comforted by the empty words of a maid?

“This isn’t funny. Are you making fun of me?”

He spat out in a thorny tone while looking at the maid.

Then the face of the maid blushed with a sense of insecurity.

“No, I’m not teasing you. I actually…”



In the kingdom of Hevnia, there lived a princess named Sordid. Princess Sordid was a woman beautiful enough to be called an exorbitant treasure.

There was no man who wouldn’t fall for her gorgeous and alluring appearance.

As the princess become of marriageable age, a commotion occurred in the kingdom. Aristocratic young suitors began to fight over the princess, framing and restraining each other.

Fearing a civil war over his daughter, the king declared:

“Whoever wants to marry my daughter Sordid, come to me! I am going to pick the one who will be my son-in-law.”

Thousands of men visited the King of Hevnia, hoping to become the princess’ husband.

Among them was a man named Rufus.




For now, the chapters are brief summarizations, which means I am NOT TRANSLATING it chapter by chapter. So, let’s watch these as very detailed spoilers.
Okay…. let’s say they are roughly translated, and I take no responsibility if the actual meaning is slurred, mismatched, or misses some context as I edit them to my personal taste and understanding… The chapters may contain my personal notes or additional feedback for later as I am writing them as I read. I am doing this primarily for myself to keep track of the story, and I decided to make it pretty and share it with whoever is interested. Changes and revisions might occur if the later story is revealed. If I have time, I might start to translate it bit by bit. Everyone who is interested might pick it up though – you are very much welcome to do so! But I won’t stop my spoilers – at least as long as I am interested in the story. I do need my time though, so please don’t ask when the next passage will be out – I simply don’t know! I’m busy trying not to die on a daily basis.

As you might have noticed, I am a sucker for sad stories, villainess stories, and tragedies altogether. When I stumbled upon IWTDODBY, I kinda felt my tragedy-antenna tingling (just look at the title lol), so I dug deeper into it. I have no deep knowledge of what is to come, but my expectations run deep with this one as I get to see a rough summarize of what is to happen *cough* (more…)

Character Sheet – I Want to Die One Day Before You

Warning: This may contain spoilers!

Rufus Inferna (ML)

  • 루퍼스는 Rufus
  • 18 years old at the beginning of the story
  • 21 when he returns from war, became a hero
  • the oldest son of the Barony Inferna, a small countryside fief
  • parents dead; brought up by his grandmother
  • has one younger brother: Edelweiss
  • became a platoon leader of the army after unsuccessfully proposing to marry Princess Sordid
  • beheaded the Demon King Audisus

Sarubia (FL)

  • 사루비아 Sarubia (サルビア = Salvia) 
  • Nickname: Ruby
  • has the Mark of the Saintess on her shoulder
  • Ability: can tell when people die (probably also how)
  • keeps being a saintess secret
  • maid of Princess Sordid
  • works in the palace since childhood
  • hair color: ivory

Princess Sordid of Hevnia

  • a woman worth dying for?
  • younget child of the King of Hevnia
  • bad personality, violent temper
  • has abused Sarubia multiple times during the three years of Rufus’ absence
  • once betrothed to the Prince of the Empire

King of Hevnia

  • doesn’t even deserve a name…
  • opportunity seeking, greedy
  • has four children (3 princes, 1 princess)
  • sends Rufus to war to die after the latter proposed to marry his daughter
  • tries to assasinate Rufus multiple times

Edelweiss Inferna

  • the younger brother of Rufus
  • also called Edel; Vice (by Sarubia)
  • a bright and good natured young man

Baroness Inferna

  • grandmother of Rufus
  • a good and wise woman
  • accepts Sarubia

Demon King Audisus

  • beheaded by Rufus
  • ‘drops’ a ruby magic stone
  • has strong magic, enough to reverse time


  • soldier in Rufus’ platoon
  • half witch, half human

Witch Orth

  • Iroel’s mother
  • once in love with a noble man from the human kingdom
  • loyal to the Demon King

Prince Truk

  • third Prince of Hevnia
  • in charge of the subjugation army
  • likes to drink and indulge in women

How to Rewrite History – Chapter 01

“Dahlia, allow me to be frank with you. Ellie showed me what love is, therefore I can’t be cruel to you and bind you with an arranged marriage that was decided by our parents. I wish we could freely marry the one we love and not out of duty. Let’s renounce our engagement.”

That was the last thing I heard from Leon, who was my fiancé, before the world turned dark – literally. It’s embarrassing, but the young and sheltered me, that never have felt such pain like that before, couldn’t handle it, and fainted on the spot.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not Leon’s fault, well, partly, but that doesn’t matter. The reason why I fainted was not the breakup, but the memories that came rushing in, breaking like a broken dam. My consciousness was washed away like a piece of drifting wood by an incoming wave. (more…)